About Us

The Mission

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, a woman from Inlet Beach, FL decided to raise money and start delivering supplies to the hardest hit areas.  While doing so, she realized the enormity of the devastation.  People literally lost EVERYTHING, including the beaded evening bag from their grandmother, the shoes that always fit and made the feel beautiful, their favorite pair of jeans and all the things we lovingly curate as part of our identities over a lifetime.  Children, men and women were all left with the clothes on their backs.  So, she decided to ask others for the things they haven't worn in a year.  NOT junk, mind you.  Nice things that, perhaps, never fit quite right but it's just to fabulous to discard.  Or maybe  they bought one in every color but only wear the black.  Anything of quality that could be shared with others.  The response was overwhelming and, now, Save The Closet is upfitting a mobile store to take to these communities and allow residents a bit of normalcy and dignity.  They will be able to SHOP, for free of course, and find things they actually like and would want to wear.  

Our Team

Nothing on this scale is possible without an army of volunteers.  Spearheading the mission  is Katy Lingle Pinson, the Broker/Owner of Beach Babes Realty.  The volunteers responsible for the success of this vision are numerous and grow daily!   This ministry is accomplished through Lighthouse Vision Outreach, a non profit ministry and donations from people like you!